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Excel at whole school wellbeing

Measure and improve individual and collective wellbeing


Introducing the Flourishing Profile

The Flourishing Profile is a multi-dimensional measure of wellbeing. The aim of the online survey is to provide periodic assessment of student and/or staff wellbeing. This enables objective assessment of the success of wellbeing interventions and can also be used to benchmark wellbeing against normative samples. The survey is suitable for secondary students (ages 11-18+) and staff of all ages. Feedback is provided at a whole of school level, cohort level, and individual student level.

The Flourishing Profile draws upon positive education principals and is consistent with the NSW Department of Education Wellbeing Framework for Schools (2015) and the Geelong Grammar School Model for Positive Education (2013).

Central to the Flourishing Profile model is that wellbeing can be developed from a number of sources (or components). The acronym used to describe these components (as first proposed by Martin Seligman, 2011) is PERMA. PERMA stands for positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaningfulness, and accomplishment. The Flourishing Profile also includes the component of positive health as it is well understood that nutrition, physical activity and sleep play an important role in positive mental health outcomes. With the addition of the positive health dimension, the acronym that is used to describe the Flourishing Profile model of wellbeing is PERMA-H.


Individuals Can:
Complete online survey
Revisit and finish a partially completed survey
Download PDF report
Access historical reports
Record wellbeing goals
Access high quality wellbeing resources
Access wellbeing classroom activities
School Administrators Can:
Create new users individually
Bulk upload new users
Start a new survey
Live monitor survey completions
Send email reminders to individuals who have not completed a survey
End a survey
Generate summary reports
Customise House/Form groups for post-survey comparisons
Customise school wellbeing contacts for inclusion in individual reports
Generate cohort/subgroup reports
Choose most appropriate norm group
Filter individual results by name, cohort, sex, house/form group
Access historical results of individuals
Download Individual reports

Sample Reports

Flourishing At School Staff Summary cover
Flourishing At School Staff Individual cover

Student Feedback

Making the important step of delivering student feedback easy.