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Quest Series #4

“Know thyself: Why are YOU working on student wellbeing?  Identify your motivation so you can stick with it when the going gets tough.” Know thyself.  That’s the focus in today’s post.  “But why am I wasting my time on me?” – I hear you ask - “Isn’t it about the students?  Just tell me [...]

Quest Series #3

Why should your school engage with student wellbeing? 2/2 Facts to convince your principal, parents, and school board that you need to do this - now. *This post is the second half of “Why should your school engage with student wellbeing?...”  in the ‘How to lead a Quest for Student Wellbeing’ Series. If you’ve just [...]

How the Science of Habit Formation Can Help You Flourish

Prioritizing happiness is a worldwide phenomenon. Given reports like The World Happiness Index and the emergence of Positive Education, the emphasis of wellbeing (also commonly referred to happiness) is trending in classrooms, social media, on bookshelves, and in life! When you ask any parent what they want for their child, happiness regularly ranks near the [...]

Mindfulness the base, not merely a tool, of positive education

Ideally mindfulness in education is not a once-a-day intervention in the classroom. It is a mindset deeply rooted within a school’s culture. Mindfulness is a journey towards awareness. It opens the door to key features of Positive Education: e.g. appreciation, positive emotions, cultivating meaning, dealing with negatives, engagement and relationship building. Raised awareness of [...]

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Teacher demands and some practical wellbeing initiatives from our school

Did you know that the average teacher has over one thousand interpersonal interactions a day? Think now about code switching between super ordinates, colleagues, students and parents. Whew, it is no wonder they often feel exhausted. Research tells us that teaching is the second most stressful occupation in Australia, surpassed only by active policing.  [...]

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Bring global wellbeing to your school with the International Day of Happiness

You may have heard that Denmark has the title of the happiest country in the world. But did you know that they were just pipped for this title by Norway in 2017? Both Scandinavian countries have been long practicing something called ‘hygge’, which roughly means a warm feeling created by enjoying the good things [...]

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Where to Start when Teaching Wellbeing in Schools

School setting: Secondary all-girls school Location: Perth, Western Australia Psychologist Martin Seligman first used the term Positive Education about 10 years ago when describing the concept of teaching both traditional academic skills and the skills of wellbeing in schools. A quick Google search of “Positive Education” will now bring you about 437,000 results! So, [...]