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For Parents

The Flourishing at School (FAS) Parent Portal provides education and activities designed to support and build mental wellbeing. This valuable resource can increase your own mental health literacy in order to optimise your own self-care, and to provide the assistance required to optimise the quality of life and mental health of your own child(ren).

The FAS Parent Portal helps you:

  • Use practical, positive psychology activities on yourself first (ie. put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping your child!). Remember that children/teens learn more from role-modelling than being told what to do.
  • Support your high schooler with positive psychology activities including downloadable worksheets and multi-media resources.

If your school uses Flourishing at School, you can:

  • Understand the wellbeing framework used by the school so you can complement it with support at home.
  • Understand your child’s survey results and assist them set and achieve their wellbeing goals.

The FAS Parent Portal is an annual subscription cost of just AUD$19.99. Take a look at the introductory information before purchasing by clicking here:

Please note that the Parent Portal is not designed for those who need urgent support. In Australia, if you are currently feeling distressed call Lifeline on 13 11 14 for free counselling 24 hours a day, or if it is an emergency, call emergency services on 000. For those outside Australia, call your local emergency services or local counselling hotline which you can find with a simple internet search.