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For Schools

Flourishing at School software can be used with just staff, just students, or both.

Each module features the Flourishing at School survey, individual access to previous survey results, the ability for individuals to set and review wellbeing goals, and provides individual access to evidence based, high quality and engaging wellbeing resources.

The staff module includes individual access to classroom activities designed to improve specific aspects of wellbeing of students in group settings.

Staff can rest assured their individual survey results remain confidential, with FAS school administrators only having access to summary level information, and that is only once at least 10 staff have completed the survey.

Survey feedback in the student module is delivered in a simplified format, without specific scores or normative comparisons to reduce the likelihood of further alarm to those whose wellbeing is less than optimal.

FAS school administrators can explore survey results from a summary level through to the individual student level. Individual and summary reports can be created and downloaded by selecting appropriate filters (e.g. cohort, sex) and the most appropriate norm group (e.g. Total norm group, boys only, year 8 girls).

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