For Students

Everyone knows how to stay physically healthy and get the most out of their bodies: diet, exercise and sleep. These are commonly referred to as the pillars of good health. When we apply these three pillars to our everyday lives we have more energy, stay more alert and aren’t sick often.

When it comes to the pillars of good mental health however, people are generally not aware. In fact, when it comes to mental health, most efforts are focused on identifying cases of illness and then dealing with them rather than preventing illnesses from occurring in the first place.

Thankfully, modern psychology has identified a number of pillars of good mental health. These pillars include experiencing positive emotions, being engaged in school and other activities by using your personal strengths, having positive relationships with others, having a sense of purpose and meaning in life, and experiencing the satisfaction that comes with accomplishment of goals. Practicing these things daily not only can help you to avoid mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, they can also help you to get the most out of life by optimising your mental wellbeing.

Flourishing at School is a cloud based software solution for schools wanting to excel at whole school wellbeing. It enables schools like your own to develop and assess programs to help you be successful at school and in your life after school by equipping you with tools to optimise your wellbeing. You can help your school develop a better understanding of the wellbeing of its students by completing the online survey. The survey is not an assessment of knowledge or ability, but rather it asks you to reflect on your own emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Your responses will be collected by psychologists at People Diagnostix and will only be shared with staff at your school that need to know. Your responses will only be available to People Diagnostix with all identifying information removed in order to ensure your answers remain anonymous.